Our Call


Our ministry is focused on equipping and mobilizing the First Nations people of Paraguay. We believe that God is calling us to assist in the work of raising up and developing a generation of tribal leaders in order that First Nations believers can be sent to the mission field, reaching the unreached with an efficiency and in a manner that would not be possible for Western missionaries. At the same time, we believe we are being called to the work of holistically empowering First Nations believers, including the hard work of long-term economic development, in order that this tribal missional movement might be self-sustaining.

The vast majority of the First Nations people of Paraguay live in communities where Christ is least known. By working together with other ministries and First Nations Christian Leaders, we hope to reach these communities through Christ's love and the hope of the Gospel, including mobilizing the few First Nations churches that exist to directly send out and support tribal missionaries to take the Gospel to the unreached. After two years of learning Spanish and Guarani, along with both Paraguayan and indigenous culture, we are now embarking on this mission that the Lord has called us to. 

Respond to Need

The ultimate human need is to know God, but we also believe that He has called us to be compassionate and serve those in need in this broken world.

Proclaim the Gospel

Jesus is the reason for our ministry. Sharing the gospel is a foundational part of our ministry, and our lives, and we strive to share Jesus with everyone who will listen.

Equip the Church

We begin, nurture, and equip churches to be the Body of Christ in their communities, and to have their own cross-cultural vision for reaching the lost.

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