Equipping and Mobilizing First

Nations Believers in Paraguay 


Equipping & Mobilizing

We believe that God is calling us to assist in the work of raising up and developing a generation of tribal leaders in order that First Nations believers can be sent to the mission field.


Old School Lumber

Slowly but surely, the Lord reminds us that we cannot operate based on assumptions in Paraguay.  That's a lesson learned bit by bit, experience by experience, more often entertaining than not.  Last week provided a great example.


Our new house echoes.  Not in a "that's a unique feature" sort of way, but in a "I can't even have a conversation" kind of way.  It's a function of high ceilings (to allow all of the heat to rise), bare plaster walls (standard issue in the city), and tile floor throughout (I cannot even imagine carpet here with the heat, humidity, and critters).  As we've purchased, borrowed, and made furniture to fill it for this year of city living, we've been waiting for the echo to subside. No such luck.